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5 Herbal Teas That Will Help You Stay Warm This Winter

05 Mar 2024

On a cold winter morning and a hot cup of tea, aren't these the perfect combinations to keep you warm?  As soon as the chilly winds grip the world, more and more people look forward to the warm tea season, where they can make their corners cosy, grab a book, a blanket and a hot pot of tea and just snuggle up to the cold winter season. In the winter these warm cups of herbal tea do not just give your freezing hands relief but are also great for your throat and your overall body. The warmth of this herbal tea can cure an itchy throat and by much luck, stop a runny nose.

So, in this blog, here we list 5 herbal teas that will help you stay warm this winter.


​1. Ginger And Mint tea

Ginger and mint tea is a relaxing drink that combines the spicy warmth of ginger with the cooling freshness of mint. Usually available in green tea bags, you can also make the ginger and mint tea yourself very easily. Ginger is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving you from winter-related colds and sore throats too. If paired with it is mint that adds a refreshing element to the brew, contributing to improved digestion and a calming effect on the body and mind especially in winter.


2. ​Cinnamon  Cardamom Tea

A mixture of the cinnamon warmth and cardamom flavour, this tea is perfect if you do not like your beverage spicy or even with ginger in it! Cinnamon is known to have antimicrobial properties, which can help you keep off any infections that come you encounter and cardamom has antioxidants that help in improving blood circulation. The combination of these spices creates a comforting drink that not only warms you up but also makes you feel relaxed and at ease in winter.


3. ​Chamomile Cinnamon Tea

Chamomile and cinnamon tea are known to offer comfort in one single cup. With chamomile and its calming effects which help keep away stress and can also help you sleep better and then paired with cinnamon, it promotes better immunity and has antioxidants. This beverage becomes the perfect, light drink to keep you warm and stress-free during the cold winter days.


4. Peppermint Tea

Winter is the time when several people suffer from various diseases such as headaches and sinus infections. Peppermint tea is an effective beverage in stopping headaches that are caused by stress, lack of sleep or poor diet. Also, the menthol in peppermint helps fight sinus problems by calming the inflamed mucous membranes in the sinuses and throat, especially during winter.


5. Masala Tea

Cold and cough are very common diseases that occur during the winter season. Consuming Masala tea during winter helps in protecting your body from severe cold. Ginger is one of the spices used to prepare masala tea which has medicinal properties that can cure sore throat conditions very easily. Masala tea requires many spices that help to cure several diseases, especially during the winter season.



Enjoying a cup of herbal tea on a chilly day immediately brings a comforting warmth that wraps around you, offering solace to both body and mind. The hot steam rising from the cup creates a snug haven from the chilling cold, bringing a feeling of relaxation and overall well-being. Whether you want to boost your immunity or just keep yourself warm, these winter herbal tea blends are here for you! These immunity-boosting teas will naturally give relief from a common cold, cough, seasonal flu and sore throat. So wait no more, and get ready for winter with these aromatic herbal teas.